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Our Team

We at The Village of Triumph are all family. We love all our "kids". We all have lots of experience with individuals with various special needs as a parent of one themselves and/or working with them in other environments. 

Each of us has high expectations for every one of them.

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Our Volunteers

We at TVoT feel everyone has an important purpose in this life. We have been very blessed to have some amazing volunteers, and we are always looking for more. Several of our moms join in to help, which is amazing, but we feel everyone needs to learn how to work with and follow directions from others beside 'mom'. Sometimes we need to figure out another way for the participants to accomplish the skill we are working on. If they struggle with the way we are trying to show them, then let's figure out another way.

As amazing as our moms are, we feel the best 'helpers' are their peers; therefore, including peers is very important. Working with your peers covers several different skills at once: Life, Social and Job.

Please reach out if interested in volunteering with us for any of our classes and/or events.

Service Hours can be given.

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