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Our Goals

Treat others as you would have them treat you

Join us in helping others be successful

Let's help them be more successful by teaching them functional academics such as reading and money.

About The Village of Triumph (TVoT)

The Village of Triumph is an endeavor that was inspired by God in 1996 when we learned that our youngest daughter would have Down Syndrome. God literally showed me the bible story of 'David and Goliath' telling me that our daughter was 'David' and the downs was her 'Goliath' and with Him, she would be triumphant over it!

As I researched for help, I found that the majority of groups/facilities were mostly geared toward specific disabilities such as Down Syndrome and Autism. As amazing as these groups were, God kept putting it on my heart that these 'kids' need to learn how to associate with individuals that were different from them as well as the ones considered 'normal'.

As God led me more and more toward this dream to help each of them to be as successful as possible, He told me that it was also to teach those who are not part of the 'special needs world' that these 'kids' are more like them than they are different.

At TVoT, we have high expectations for each of our participants. If they struggle learning something the way we are teaching, we figure out a way that works for them.


Everything we do works on Fine Motor, Social and Cognitive Skills through fun activities. Come check us out. 

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